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  1. Is there are camera for the Basys3? What would you recommend? I'd like to do some experimentation.
  2. I am looking for the .bin the Basys3 ships with. I'd like to post it for my students. That way if they need to return the board to a known working state, they can use it. I feel it is here somewhere, but my searching has not been successful.
  3. labumm

    Basys 3

    Thanks for the reply. It seems that Vivado no longer includes schematic capture. Is there a work around for this?
  4. labumm

    Basys 3

    This is my first year teaching with the Basys3. I am not having my students do anything very advanced, just some basic schematic capture. Logic circuits that interact with the LEDs, 7-segment displays, switches, and buttons. We had been using the Basys2, but switched over because ISE Webpack won;t install on newer OS's. My question is what is the minimum software I need to have my students install? Is Vivado WebPack enough? Do I still need Adept? Are there any drivers for the Basys 3 that they will need? Thanks in advance.