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  1. Thanks Jon, I will check out your suggestions.
  2. Hi Dan Thanks for your input. I need 11 1.8v I/O lines. D0-D7 for data, clock, frame sync and line sync. However I want to find a solution that doesn't require a level translator as that's what I'm using in the current implementation and they don't like the high speed. A full size SD socket is fine. I can use an adapter. Ben
  3. Hello I need advice on which FPGA board to select for a camera project I'm working on. This is the first time I have considered using an FPGA so my knowledge is limited. Any general advice about first use of FPGAs would also be appreciated. It needs the following main features and capabilities. 1. It needs to be able to interface with the image sensor which uses 1.8v logic. I read somewhere that different voltages can be used for certain sections of some FPGAs which would be very useful in this case. 2. SDRAM as a temporary store for captured images. I see that some boards