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  1. It seems like libc is now shipping with lock elision disabled for my CPU, correcting the issue. Thanks for your work @ballessay!
  2. No, I have not been able to work around this. I've had to use Waveforms on my non-unix machines instead.
  3. Bumped to 16.10, issue persists. dmeseg is showing the same message for me too. Skylake i5-6600 waveforms[19947] general protection ip:7fc0f7970cb0 sp:7fc06643b378 error:0 in[7fc0f795e000+18000]
  4. When I install via the 64bit deb, /usr/lib64/digilent/adept is populated with and I downloaded the latest runtime manually, and I see that it too comes bundled with 1.0.4. I manually removed this library, installed 1.3.6 from the ftdi site, and ensured it was accessible with ldconfig. Waveforms continues to crash whenever my device is connected. I've uploaded the new crash file here:
  5. I have installed Adept 2 and Waveforms 3.3.7 from the Digilent website. I can open the Waveforms software and use it in demo mode with no issues, but the moment I plug in my Analog Discovery 2, the application crashes. The .crash file is too big to upload directly, so I have uploaded it here: This issue is entirely deterministic with my setup, so please let me know if any additional information would help.