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  1. Hi Digilent I want to Implement LogiCVC-ML IP on VGA Port of Zybo Board. I have not seen any tutorial or UserGuide implementing LogiCVC IP on Zybo Board. Will it be possible to use this IP Zybo Bord. I have Created VIVADO Hardware Project without any error and now I would like to implement Xylon_FB Driver using Petalinux. I saw few entries on adv7511 in driver code, which is not present on Zybo. will it still be possible to run logicvc ip using same driver? and what if i implement linux system using xylon dram driver? will my ip still work on zybo board?
  2. I installed PetaLinux2016.1 for Creating Linux Image for Zybo Board. I have BSPs for Zybo Board with version 2015.4. I created a Hardware system in vivado involving only Zynq PS and Two GPIOs one for Buttons and one for LEDs. I exported hdf file to Petalinux project. I then try to build petalinux project but it ends with the error as under: INFO: Building linux [INFO ] pre-build linux/rootfs/console-blank [INFO ] pre-build linux/rootfs/fwupgrade [INFO ] pre-build linux/rootfs/inittab_customisation [INFO ] pre-build linux/rootfs/peekpoke [INFO ] build system.dtb [ERROR] Error: /home/engrm/Downloads/petalinux-bsps-master/releases/Digilent-Zybo-Linux-BD-v2015.4/subsystems/linux/configs/device-tree/system-top.dts:69.1-14 Label or path axi_dynclk_0 not found [ERROR] Error: /home/engrm/Downloads/petalinux-bsps-master/releases/Digilent-Zybo-Linux-BD-v2015.4/subsystems/linux/configs/device-tree/system-top.dts:75.2-12 syntax error [ERROR] make[1]: *** [system.dtb] Error 255 ERROR: Failed to build linux Is this due to version mismatch of BSPs and Petalinux software or some thing else?