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  1. XADC demo

    Hi, In the XADC resource, the port for using the UART_TX_CTRL is not specified in the xdc file. Is there a way set any of the I/O ports for this purpose? Please suggest a way. Regards Manas
  2. XADC demo

    Hi In the resource, there is a uart_tx_ctrl to connect with an external uart device. How can this be done?
  3. Interfacing Xbee with Nexys4 Artix7 FPGAboard

    Hi I'm not clear on how to connect the suggested PModUSBUART with the Xbee. Since I don't have the PMOdUSBUART, i was thinking to the on board usb-uart via FTDI adapter to connect with the Xbee. For power the FPGA board i plan to use the power jack. Kindly look into this. With regards Manas
  4. Interfacing Xbee with Nexys4 Artix7 FPGAboard

    Hi D@n, Thanks for help. I only intend to do point to point communication using the either series 1 0r 2 XBEE. I was contemplating on using the usb-uart onboard the Nexys4 Artix 7 FPGA board. Even if i go wiith the PModUSBUART, i still have confusion on how the connection should be done with the FPGA board. Do we make use of an general FTDI cable available? Yes, the Xbee operates on 3.3V, so I was contemplating on using the PMod connectors since it give 3.3V output. Is it necessary to use PModUSBUART. I still have difficulty in visualising how connection should be done. Kindly look into this. With Regards Manas
  5. Hi, I have read the possibilities of Xbee and used it using arduino Uno board. Now, I facing problem on how to interface this on Nexys 4 Artix 7 FPGA Board. Basically i'm confuse on how to proceed on FPGA board. I have already started looking on UART protocol and its implementation. Please help me out on how to proceed forward. With regards Manas
  6. XADC demo

    Hi Sam, I have manually solved the math behind the conversion to get the voltage using your logic but I'm still unable to figure out the multiplication of 250000. Could you please share light on this? I took 0.2V for the calculation, 0.2V in decimal comes out to be (819)10. (819)10 = (00110110011)2. After following your logic, I compared the voltage i got after using your logic and following the formula i.e. voltage = (12-bit_ADC_code)/4096 and it comes out be same. I Thanks Regards Manas
  7. XADC demo

    Hi Is there a way to solve this timing issue? Also when i give 0.5 V sine wave to ADXP11, i get all zeroes in the seven segment display. This problem i haven't been able to solve. Thanks Regard Manas
  8. XADC demo

    Hi I have found out that the binary data obtained from the VAUXP[11] can be converted to its corresponding voltage value using below equation.. Voltage = 12-bit_ADC_code/4096. I'm interested in setting up a fixed voltage level to be compared with the data from VAUXP[11] so as to generate an external alarm. I have calculated with 0.2V and got the corresponding binary representation. I was wondering if its better to set up comparison between the XADC reading and fixed voltage level using the binary representation or the corresponding voltage value. Please help me out. Regards Manas
  9. XADC demo

    Hi Sam I keep getting same error as shown in attached file after generating the XADC IP. I'm using vivado 2015.2. I have made necessary changes to the XADC IP still I'm getting the same error. Could you please help me out? Regards Manas
  10. XADC demo

    Hi Sam I haven't been able to re instantiate the IP. Could you please help solve this ? Regards Manas
  11. XADC demo

    Hi Sam I'm not able to re instantiate the IPs with the same settings. I'm using Vivado 15.2 to regenerate the IPs. Could u please explain the the logic behind code as shown : if(count == 20000000)begin decimal = data >> 4; //looks nicer if our max value is 1V instead of .999755 if(decimal >= 4093) begin dig0 = 0; dig1 = 0; dig2 = 0; dig3 = 0; dig4 = 0; dig5 = 0; dig6 = 1; count = 0; end else begin decimal = decimal * 250000; decimal = decimal >> 10; I'm having difficulty understanding the last two lines of this code. Also can the decimal be not checked whether its greater than or equal to 4096? Thanks Manas
  12. XADC demo

    Hi Sam The new upload of XADC demo is giving an error. The error snap is attached. Please suggest as how to correct this error. Thanks Manas
  13. XADC demo

    Hi In IP catalog we can set for OT and VAUXP, using the individual register location by accessing the value using daddr. In the same way I was thinking of setting a Voltage threshold in such a way that i can generate a warning by setting up a comparison from the reading given by the AD11P and AD11N pins. Thanks Regards Manas
  14. XADC demo

    Hi Sam Is there a way to set up a threshold voltage to generate a alarm like in the case of onboard temperature sensor, we can access the the OT register to generate a alarm ? Thanks Regards Manas
  15. XADC demo

    Hi Sam, I have made the changes you suggested. When 1V amplitude sine sine wave fed to AD11P, the output in 7-segment display is "00.12". I have fed the sine wave using analog discovery kit. I was expecting output to be as 1V. I also tried changing the frequency of the wave but I keep getting output less than 1V. Please suggest where to make changes to get the result. Thanks Manas