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  1. Hi Jon, Thanks for the response! I will contact majenko. Regards, tnag
  2. Does anyone know how to implement "Watchdog timer" on a chipKIT board? I have found the library for watchdog timer and tried some simple code, but it did not work. As long as I can reset chipKIT regardless of code execution status, any approach would be fine. I just need to reset the system when it hangs. Any input would be appreciated.
  3. Hello Jon, Thanks for your help. Before closing this issue, let me ask one thing. Is the Analog Shield officially supported by chipKIT WiFire Rev.C? If so, can you think of this as an initial failure? The other board has never showed any symptom and your environment as well. Regards, tnag
  4. Hi Jon, It does not give me an error message but just hangs when the "" does not execute properly. I have downloaded and installed MPIDE (mpide-0150-windows-20150820) and tried on both WiFire boards. This time, it failed at "SD.begin" function all the time. I found the forum entry and it seems that a loop rate should be adjusted for a board clock rate: It says "change the number of NOPs to (# of NOPS * 200)/80" in the file "Sd2Card.cpp", but I think I need more information.
  5. Hi Jon, I only have the analog shield library in the user library folder. Actually, I have uninstalled all the Arduino related files including Arduino15 folder in user AppData, and reinstalled Arduino IDE etc. for the debugging purpose a little while ago.
  6. Hi Jon, Thanks for the advise. I have set the IDE preference, compiled and uploaded a sketch on both chipKIT WiFire boards. Except for COM port, a temporary folder name (e.g. arduino_build_570134) and Program rate, the messages are identical and I could not file any difference. I have copied these messages into two separate text files and used WinMerge to compare them. Is there any other approach to try?
  7. Thank you for checking the code on your environment. I have tested with another WiFire board and it worked without any problem. The revision is "C" on both boards. I wonder what could be wrong with the other board. It worked with single task programs - just UDP communication, or just ADC. It fails if these UDP and ADC tasks are combined. Is there any possibility of having different configurations such as firmware version?
  8. I am developing a wireless data logger using Analog Shield and chipKIT WiFire, and am struggling with unstable "" function behavior. My code steps are as follows: 1) acquire analog voltage with Analog Shield, 2) save data into SD and 3) send the data with UDP over WiFi. It works sometimes, but most of the time, it stops at an function. I cannot understand this inconsistent behavior. Below is the sample code which reproduces the same issue. ----- code starts from here ----- #include <MRF24G.h> // sketch works if this line is commented out #include <DEIPcK.h> // sketch works if this line is commented out #include <DEWFcK.h> // sketch works if this line is commented out #include <analogShield.h> #include <SPI.h> // include SPI.h after analogShield.h inclusion. otherwise fails void setup() { Serial.begin( 9600 ); } void loop() { unsigned int count = 0, false ); Serial.println( count ); delay( 50 ); } ----- code ends ----- First, I doubt power shortage, so I have tried two different power supply configuration: via UART(J1), and an external 9V supply via DC plug(J15) with J16 jumper setting set to EXT, but no luck. Is there any possibility of library conflicts? FYI, I use modified version of "analogShield.h" library downloaded from Any input would be greatly appreciated.