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  1. hi, I want to porting a project from Arty (Artix-7 xc7a35tcsg324-1 ) to the Nexys4-ddr (xc7a100tcsg324-1). The design use the QSPI NOR flash as the storage, so it assigns the SCK to the L16 in Arty board. My question is, when I use Nexys4-ddr and assign the SCK to pin E9, but E9 is a dedicated configuration pin. Although I wrote the rules in xdc, I got such message as following: [Common 17-69] Command failed: 'E9' is not a valid site or package pin name. ["C:/lab/test/test.srcs/constrs_1/new/demo.xdc":5] How could I use the E9 pin in my FPGA design to control the NOR
  2. Hi, I founded that the Vviado v2014.4 Webpack edition didn't support the device Virtex7 690 which is mounted on NetFPGA SUME board. I would like to know how I could got the license to proceed the study with NetFPGA SUME. I know a device locked license is usually provided with the development FPGA board. But I can't find the information on the box and fayer. Please help me to got the license. Thanks for reply.