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  1. Thanks Dan for the recommendation and the links. I will probably go with the Arty then. One more question. Which one of these boards is the best for hooking up to a monitor (through VGA, for example) if I designed some graphics type stuff (like games)? I read the other post that you had sent a link for earlier. You mentioned that the Basys-3 does have VGA but its RAM size is too low for a reasonable sized frame buffer. And Arty doesn't have VGA, right? Is there any option of connecting an Arty to VGA? And how about the Nexys4? Checked out your projects as well. Very cool stuff! You mentioned the goal is to use it as an NTP server. Are you using it for any other type of application currently?
  2. Thanks Dan, that was pretty helpful. Would you have any recommendation among those three boards (or maybe something else) if I were to implement some kind of network protocol completely in hardware? For example, UDP or TCP (although TCP may be too ambitious because of its complexity, but it gives an idea of what kind of stuff I will be trying to do). This is just for self education (for future job interviews) and will not be part of any product (to be used commercially or otherwise). So performance is not of supreme concern but the board should still be able to support such a design. Thank you!
  3. Hi, I am looking to buy a board of the Artix-7 family and trying to choose one between Arty, Basys 3 and Nexys 4 DDR. I have the following questions. 1. Is it true that the Vivado software that comes with Arty can only be used for one year since Arty is an evaluation board? 2. Is it possible to install the Vivado software on different computers and work on them (using the same board)? Does this behavior differ in any way among the three boards mentioned above? 3. I am confused about the number of cells in Nexys 4. On Digilent's website, it says Arty & Basys 3 both have about 33K logic "cells", and Nexys 4 has about 16K logic "slices". How many logic "cells" does Nexys 4 have? Which one of these boards can support a larger design? 4. Why does Basys 3 cost more than Arty even though it has less features (like no ethernet, etc.)? Looking forward to your response. This will help me to make a decision. Thank you! P.S.: I had earlier contacted Digilent through the "Contact US" link and asked these questions, but was told some of the questions were too technical, so I need to ask them in the forum. So please help!