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  1. nima

    Atlys board not detected by Adept 2

    Hello Jon Thanks for the information you posted. The problem was actually with my USB cable! I usually use this cable for charging my phone, seems to be fine. But for some reason, it didn't make a proper connection with the input port on the board. Adept is detecting the board now Thanks Nima
  2. nima

    Atlys board not detected by Adept 2

    Hi I am a new user, just trying to setup the digilent Atlys board, in Windows 10 with ISE 14.5 I have installed the UART driver "XR21V1410" from EXAR. But Adept 2 doesn't detect the board at all. (No device connected) I am using the programing UART port with a USB cable for connecting the board to pc. Thanks for your help in advance