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  1. I'm on my 3rd year of battling this problem. It still hasn't been solved. I just use the HW from within a VM on my Mac - no other way to do it. Quite disappointed in Diligent claiming Mac support here and then failing to solve this for the third year now. Good luck, and if you find a way to make it work, please share with the class. @malexander @atilla, @jclovin - it sure would be great if you could get some of Diligent's engineers to shed a couple of hours on this - you've got a growing group of dissatisfied customers here.
  2. Aw, @Cajjed, you're blaming the Mac here!? I've been using FTDI for professional HW dev on Mac for 7 years now... never hit a problem like the one with this DM2 product.
  3. @malexander, @attila, this still isn't working on my Mac. I'm feeling swindled of $300 for a product that was advertised to work on MacOS. What can I do here? I've installed the latest WaveForms 2015 (3.6.8) and its FTDI driver package, but the app still says "No Device Detected"
  4. @JColvin, @attila - I can appreciate that it's hard to repro on your machenes. I'm glad to give y'all remote access to my machine while reproducing, if needed.
  5. Attila, JColvin, any way we could escalate this to the engineering teams? Would really love to use my HW with my Mac.
  6. Would love to start using this awesome new piece of hardware on my Mac. Any more ideas on what I can do to get the app to recognize the USB device?
  7. still no go. Installed your above version restarted confirmed with kextstat that "com.digilent.driver.DigilentFtdiDriver (1.0.3)" loads only after I plug the AD2 in no other FTDI kexts load WaveFroms still says "No device detected". Any other ideas?
  8. Hi folks - I have a Mac running 10.10.5 and another with 10.11 both not connecting to the Analog Discovery 2 hardware over USB. What I know: Hardware works fine from a Windows VM on the Mac Plugging in the AD2 loads kext com.digilent.driver.DigilentFtdiDriver AND Neither removing via kextunload nor deleting the kext file helps Following the *awesome* steps at this post didn't help - WaveForms sees and loads the driver (no logs spit out normally; logs spit out when I rename driver) but still no dice Keepin