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  1. Hi, I want to understand the main difference when programming a board which is configured using a BSP (Ex: ZYBO) and which is configured using only device details(Ex: xc7z010clg400-1). I'm asking because I'm configuring only zynq in the block design with uart1 for hello world application. If I program using ZYBO bsp it works but not if I use only the device details. I need to understand this since my actual project is on a custom z7010 board and not a regular development board and I'm not able to get the uart up and running. I wanted to figure it out on a development board as it is easier
  2. Hi, While there are many examples showing a basic Hello World using a Zynq UART, how do we read in data from the console using the same UART? Can anyone please guide me to the right example. I cudn't find one.
  3. Thanks!! Worked for me!! After a lot of brain scratching!
  4. Thanks for checking. I will do so.
  5. Hi, I have 2 elf files, one for ps_cortex_a9_0 and another for ps_cortex_a9_1. How do I flash the 2 elf files together on zybo using fsbl? (Since it allows only one bootloader to be flashed at a time). Also, before that how do I run both elf files together? Both are simple bare metal applications. Basically hello world with even indices is being printed on 1 cpu and with odd indices is being printed on the other. I'm able to verify each application separately but I do not know how to run both together?
  6. Hi, I have 2 different applications running on each of the cpus on ARM. I wanted to know how to load the 2 elf files simultaneously? So that I can run both the applications together. I came across this example: But I'm not getting the same options in the applications tab when I click on run configurattions. I'm using 2016.2 version and trying to run the 2 applications on Zybo.
  7. Hi, Is there a good example to establish communication between Zynq and Microblaze processor on Zybo? I am looking to understand how to get both these processors to talk to each other, share data etc. I'm aware of this Xilinx app note: But i'm looking for something simpler and on Zybo. Thanks.
  8. I am also trying to implement the gpio demo for zybo using petalinux. Where do i find the gpio-ids for leds, switches and pushbuttons in the demo? Thanks in advace.
  9. Hi Jon, Can i get a Zybo BSP for 2016.2 version? And I'm also not clear how to generate a BSP for our own custom design. Could you please point to the right documents? Regards, Akshatha
  10. Hi Jon, Thanks for the clear instructions about starting SDK separately. I was able to follow all the commands and bring up SDK and was able to generate a Hello World application on a standalone bsp. As for the serial port, I went through both the links (the one mentioned in the link you provided too.) But I did not understand much. Sorry I'm a newbie to Linux and still trying to get comfortable with it. I guess I'm asking how do I know which port the serial port pppears on is it ttyS0 or ttyUSB0? How to we decide that. Currently I just configured ttyS0 to 115200 but I'm not able to progr
  11. Jon, I'm also trying to set up a serial port on Ubuntu to talk to my Zybo board. I'm getting stuck on gtkterm. is there any tutorial which explains how to do it?
  12. Hi Jon, Yes that is right. I exported the hardware along with bitstream and then launched SDK. When I try to give sudo ./xsdk it says command not found. I there anything else I need to do before that?
  13. I tried to follow that link. But they discuss about generating bsp for a microblaze project whereas I'm using Zynq. The document which is pointed to in that link mentions that Vivado 16.2 Linux support is only for Ubuntu Linux 14.04.3 LTS whereas I'm using 14.04.5. so does that mean I cannot use 14.04.5 to run Xilinx SDK? They also say that You need to start manually ./xsdk with root(sudo). I'm not sure how to do this?
  14. Hi, I have installed Ubuntu 14.04.5 on a Virtual machine in my Windows 10 laptop. I installed XIlinx Linux version on Ubuntu. I wanted to try out basic Hello World application before I could proceed further. When I try to create a new application project in Xilinx SDK, it does not give me an option to create a standalone bsp. It shows Linux instead. I have attached a snapshot of it. Could you please tell me what's wrong? I want to be able to create a standalone bsp without any OS.
  15. Thanks I'm using Vivado 16.2 and it serves my purpose