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  1. Broken Link on Webpage

    This link Link to Community Project to test the XADC, GPIO, buttons, LEDs, and SRAM on this page replies Precondition Failed
  2. Pcam 5C liquid lens

  3. Best software to program an Arty board

    MicroBlaze is a "soft" processor so to say Arty Z7 does not have it is not correct. Arty Z7 is a Zync-based board but a MicroBlaze soft processor could be added to the PL of the Zync device on the Arty. If you desire to use the PS in the Zync device (ARM based) to control your peripherals then you will use the SDK provided libraries and C and if you desire to use the PL section then you can use Verilog and/or VHDL to generate hardware controllers for you peripherals. Bob
  4. Query about CoolRunner II

    According to the schematic representation of the circuit in the reference manual the LEDs (LD0-3) are configured such that a '0' on the output pin will illuminate the LED. This is permanently set by the hardware configuration.