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  1. Hello Ciprian, Thank you for reply !! I have managed to build zImage and devicetree for the Zedboard. I am facing difficulty in getting BOOT.bin file for the Zedboard. The one available on the digilent resources is not working (in my case don't know whether I am doing any mistake or their is some problem with file). Kindly tell me how to configure BOOT.bin file for Linaro on Zedboard. Thanks ! Saurabh
  2. Hello, Currently, I am working with Zedboard. I want to boot PS with Linaro for that it requires BOOT.BIN, devicetree, zImage file. I am following In the document while building Linux Kernel, a config file "digilent_zed_deconfig" is missing from the digilent github repository. Kindly suggest from where I can access the required file so that i can proceed ahead. Thanks, Saurabh