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  1. Hi all, because I was running out of memory on my Arduino UNO using the analogShield I changed to the Arduino Mega2560. As it turned out, the Arduino Mega2560 is not officially supported with the library from the digilent resource center. However, there is a modified lib on github which supports the Mega2560 almost flawlessly. Here is the Link: The only modification I had to do was to bend away pin 11,12,13 of the digilent analogshield. This way the 6pin SPCI port is used for SPI communication. (The mega2560 doesn't use SPI on pin 11,
  2. Hi all, I just got the AnlalogShield and its working like a charm. But I wonder if there is a chance to make this shield work on an Arduino Zero. It is supposed to work on an Arduino DUE, so I guess it should be just some software, library, modifications. Currently, when I connect a ZERO I cannot upload software to the ZERO because it says "chosen wrong processor type" Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks in advance, Ben