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  1. @Radd: I'm assuming that you need a Node-Locked license for Vivado Webpack latest version (16.3). Before anything, you need to register to Xilinx website. Thereafter, you need to generate a license there. After license has been generated, you will receive an email with license file. If you haven't installed Vivado 16.3, then do install with Webpack license option. Then, on a window machine, open the Start -> Vivaldo 16.3 -> "Manage Xilinx license" .The re on the left side, you will find "Get License", under that you will find "Load license" and there is option to copy license file.
  2. @Radd: Getting a license is very straightforward process, I did not have any problem. All I did is register and generate the license. I've installed Vivado Webpack 16.2 but now I could update it version 16.3, I will get update up to version 17.8 if I remember correctly.
  3. @[email protected]: Thanks for the tip Dan I logged in and then I clicked on this 3rd option as in the attached image.Then I was on license generation page, there I found option for webpack license along with some other evaluation licenses. So finally node-locked webpack license generated Now, need to copy the board files.
  4. @[email protected] @Bianca :Got the Zybo board today What a lovely board! So immediately downloaded Vivaldo,, selected Webpack version at the time of installation and installation done. Now license manager shows some license options, but webpack license option seems missing only shows ISE Webpack (Vivaldo and ISE are different, I think) and then it also points to some 180 days evaluation (I thought it is device limited but time unlimited option). Please see attached image. Please suggest, what should I do? ...reinstallation, selecting one of license with webpack option or something else? Tha
  5. @[email protected]: Thank you Dan, I ordered the Zybo board yesterday and will receive it tomorrow Can't wait to play with new toy.
  6. @Bianca: Thank you very much! One question more...someone people on internet discussing that combining FPGA+ARM is like Ferrari tied to a horse, losing the advantage of all the parallelism and so the speed advantage. Is that true?
  7. @[email protected] : Thank you Dan for the information. I guess, I will go with Zybo Board as it offers what Arty and Basys 3 offers, so no need to worry for ram for those video application Zynq 7020 based Zedboard with hardware acceleration looks very tempting but it is out of my budget. @Bianca: Hello Bianca, thank you for clearing the difference between these boards and introducing a new board, Zybo that seems to fit my need and is under my budget. Can you clarify Vivaldo Design Suite license scene? What is a webpack license or nodelocked license actually means? are both for Vivaldo? Does webpack f
  8. Hi Dan, Thank you very much for the information! As I'm complete beginner, yes, all of the information is overwhelming for sure. I'm interested in various sensor systems so I would like to do typical operations that I do with microcontroller, but at higher rate. Faster data acquiation, faster processing and faster transmission to TFT, LCD, storage medium or computer is the main reason to learn FPGA as I'm thinking of developing some products and maybe a startup in future (who knows), second to improve my skill level. I'm sure that I'll be doing stuff that I did on microcontroller on
  9. Hi All, I hope you all are doing great. I am engineer with bachelors in mechanical engineering and masters in robotics, presently working in industrial automation but at home much more active with electronic projects and programming algorithms etc. I have no experience with FPGA and I would like to learn them as I am interested in implementing filters, algorithms, image processing etc. I have experience with Arduino and STM32 MPU and several sensors, I know Python and C/C++. I hope if other members can help me select a right FPGA. Right now, I can see Cmod A7-35T, Arty Artix-7,