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  1. .h Errors in SDK Codes

    Thank you so much Jpeyron I am looking freetos now and I try to do it
  2. .h Errors in SDK Codes

    I think that I should add some directory but which directory and where ? Any idea please??
  3. .h Errors in SDK Codes

    Hello; I created my block desing and wrote bitstream succesfully and than I launched SDK I added these file in SDK C/C++ application in src as shown in the figure F0DC8CKIAJHVM7U.h , F9UGQE5IAJHVM3G.c , FI13KBGIAJHVM7X.h, FNXRZYAIAJHVM5O.c But I have errors "no such file directory" : How can I remove these errors?? Thank you
  4. Unable Open Block Desing

    Hello; I am doing a project in FBGA and I created block desing , I saved my block desing than I clode my project Today I opened my project but I can not click open block desing : Why did it happened? Could you help me please?
  5. Add a Trigger and XADC Drp Interface

    Thank you so much jpeyron you are the wonderful
  6. Add a Trigger and XADC Drp Interface

    Hello; I am doing a diagram but I need trigger and XADC Drp Interface as follows but I can find it How can I find its? Thank you
  7. Steps for Creating Diagram

    Any advise ??
  8. Steps for Creating Diagram

    Hello; I am trying xadc_drp interference and I clicked create ıp than I double clicked on xadc ıp and I select drp interference but again only creating xadc wizard not xadc drp interference Why?? In addition I cant understand creating trigger but I wan to solve drp interference problem firstly
  9. Steps for Creating Diagram

    Hello I am trying do this but I cant find trigger ,xadc drp interface How can I find its ? My diagram is :
  10. Steps for Creating Diagram

    Hello I should create this diagram but diagram is so confused for me and I dont know when I should click run automotion or I dont know where ı can start Diagram is here: Could you help me?
  11. ZYBO Hello World Program without ZYBO option

    Hi Jpeyron Then I am using just usb port for my hello world programme It is enough Right ? And one more question Can I use my phone 's micro usb Is it help me?
  12. ZYBO Hello World Program without ZYBO option

    Hi Should I use power jack for my hello world programm or just prog uart is enough ?? If I sould use power jack where can I this tools I havent a power jack cable @jpeyron
  13. ZYBO Hello World Program without ZYBO option

    Thank you so much
  14. ZYBO Hello World Program without ZYBO option

    Hi jpeyron I did these steps(file export export hardware and ı am sure to check the box for include bitstream then file launch sdk ) But I dont understand what I sould do Should I download sdk ?? (I am sure that ı downloaded the correct vesion 2016.2 ) Where can I downloaded SDK ? In addition I found thes files my vivado 2016.2 package: and I said launch sdk again but this time I get an error : [Common 17-70] Application Exception: Not found in path: xsdk
  15. ZYBO Hello World Program without ZYBO option

    thank you so much jpeyron but ı have not "new" button I have "new project" buttton my screen view is here: