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  1. I ship a product called an Electronic Lead Screw all over the world originating from Canada. Mostly using a method called International Small Packet Air if it's outside of the Canada or the US. A 500gm package to the US is often less than $15 Cdn shipping cost. It's the type of shipping that doesn't require a signature. It's a risk both my customers and I take that the package may go missing although over the last 8 years I haven't had any vanish. I trust that my customers will honestly report that the part arrived. Usually in under 10 days. It's not that different ordering from Chi
  2. Hi All, Just got my Analog Discovery 2 in the mail. I bought primarily because a UART module for my TEK MSO scope costs $1540 but I just had to play with it a bit. I also have an Agilent AWG along with a R&S 3GHz RF Spectrum analyzer and an Agilent 6.5 digit bench DVM. With those tools I set up the Agilent to generate a 2MHz 3.000V P-P sine wave and put the output into both the TEK and the Digilent. I have the BNC adaptor and scope probes set to x10. The TEK scope shows 1.5V on either side of zero. The Digilent shows 1.3697V. I'll do some more investigation to determine