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  1. Hi Mihai, Hmm, the detailed version is the same with me.... Do you mean two hardware modules for "two interfaces"? Do you use the IP Integrator in Vivado? If so, you should check the module name and addresses for the two in the IP Integrator tool and register both of them in pl.dtsi. Regards, Tom IZUMI
  2. Hi, Mihai I think I have listed all I did in my report. In my experience, details changes version by version. If you would disclose the detailed versions of your PetaLinux and your environments, some experts here may give you a hint. Regards, Tom IZUMI
  3. Dear sbobrowicz, Thanks for your kind help. I think I have registered board_files/zybo but not delete board_parts/zynq/zybo. After deleting boards/board_parts/zynq/zybo, ZYNQ PS in Vivado IP Integrator seems to be configured well. Thanks a lot. I would like to ask a request to the Digilent support team. The website has no explanation that older files should be removed when newer files are installed. Non-expert users should run into chaos without the direction of deletion. There should be such direction in the how-to-install. Best regards, Tom IZUMI
  4. Dear sbobrowicz, Thanks for the kind advice. I have selected the ZYBO board file and perform [Run Block Automation] with [Apply Board Preset] in the Block Design. However, Zynq PS is not well configured. Here attached are screenshots of the situation. test_boardfile0.gif : Check the ZYBO borad file specified. test_boardfile1.gif : Put Zynq PS in Block Design and see [Run Block Automation] test_boardfile2.gif : Perform [Run Block Automation] with [Apply Board Preset]. test_boardfile3.gif : [Run Block Automation] done. test_boardfile4.gif : Check the configuration of
  5. Dear sbobrowicz, Yes, I do use Vivado 2015.4 for the design, not ISE. I wonder if my understanding is right but in my experience ZYNQ PS is not well configured only with the ZYBO board file from https://reference.digilentinc.com/vivado:boardfiles even for Vivado. I have to import additional board definition from https://github.com/ucb-bar/fpga-zynq/blob/master/zybo/src/xml/ZYBO_zynq_def.xml and to make some modification for devices such as LED on MIO7, buttons on MIO51,50. Best regards, Tom IZUMI
  6. Dear AndrewHolzer, Thank your very much for the valuable information. Solving the equations in the paragraph: base_gpio = +ARCH_NR_GPIOS -ZYNQ_GPIO_NR_GPIOS allocated_gpios = +ARCH_NR_GPIOS -base_gpio other_gpio = +allocated_gpios -ZYNQ_GPIO_NR_GPIOS gpio_offset = +base_gpio +other_gpio I got... base_gpio = +ARCH_NR_GPIOS -ZYNQ_GPIO_NR_GPIOS allocated_gpios = +ZYNQ_GPIO_NR_GPIOS other_gpio = 0 gpio_offset = +ARCH_NR_GPIOS -ZYNQ_GPIO_NR_GPIOS ...Hmm.... I should make some misunderstandings. But anyway, th
  7. Dear JColvin, Thanks for your comment and help. Seeking for solutions, I have found a Zynq PS setting file ZYBO_zynq_def.xml in a github directory. https://github.com/ucb-bar/fpga-zynq/blob/master/zybo/src/xml/ZYBO_zynq_def.xml Importing this file as XPS settings and making changes needed on the setting, I have got both (Serial Number D5***** and D7*****) types of ZYBO working fine. I wonder this is provided and maintained yet officially. I am not sure what are the key properties which make the difference. Regards, Tom IZUMI
  8. Dear Experts, I would like ask for help about a trouble concerning to the difference of ZYBO boards. I have made up a micro SD card to boot my PetaLinux system for ZYBO. Some ZYBO work fine with the card, while other ZYBOs fail to boot with it. With the clock from L16 pin, PL modules seems to work fine for every board. When I tried to run a C program on SDK (Run As Hardware), some boards fail even for the same design. It seems that the clock from PS is dead. For every ZYBO, JP5 is set to SD when I use SD and JTAG when I use Vivado or SDK. Every ZYBO works fine w
  9. Dear Experts, I would like to ask how I can determine GPIO port# of /sys/class/gpio/gpiochip# in PetaLinux. Here is my design environment. Board: ZYBO Tools: Vivado 2015.4, SDK 2015.4, PetaLinux 2015.4 My design includes a GPIO module with two ports in PL part as follows. axi_gpio_0: [email protected] { #gpio-cells = <2>; compatible = "xlnx,xps-gpio-1.00.a"; gpio-controller ; reg = <0x41200000 0x10000>; : After building PetaLinux boot image, I got the followings: [email protected]:~# ls /sys/class/gpio export
  10. Hi, sbobrowicz, Thank you very much for your kind help and valuable comment. That's it! I have editted ./subsystems/linux/configs/device-tree/system-conf.dtsi as bootargs = "console=ttyPS0,115200 earlyprintk uio_pdrv_genirq.of_id=generic-uio"; and now I can control my HW module via /dev/uio0. Best regards, Tom IZUMI
  11. Dear Experts, Please let me ask for help about PetaLinux on ZYBO. I tried to register my device as UIO at /sys/class/uio/uio* but failed. The procedure I did is in the followings. My HW module works fine via /dev/mem. But I can't find /sys/class/uio/uio*. It would be much appreciated if you would give me any advices, comments and/or pointers. Thanks in advance. Best regards, Tom IZUMI ---------------------------------------------------------------- [Board] Digilent ZYBO [Design] ARM processor + Xilinx GPIO IP connected via AXIGP
  12. Dear BKallaher, Thanks for the info. Now, I enjoy designs with ZYBO+PetaLinux. Best regards, Tom IZUMI
  13. Dear BKallaher, Thanks for your help. That's it! The specified older version seems to work fine. I confirmed that ssh, ftp, and nfs works fine on my ZYBO. I should not ignore the warning of the different versions. Now I know PetaLinux tools are very sensitive to version. There are some messages of troubles as attached. I wish they could be ignored.... Thanks a lot! Best regards, Tom IZUMI ---------------------------------------------------------------- [email protected]:~$ /opt/petalinux-v2015.4-final/settings.sh PetaLinux environment set to '/opt/p
  14. Dear BKallaher, Thanks so much for your kind help. Following your instruction, I have apt-got and installed the 32bit libraries and tried again. But unfortunately the result is the same. I have deleted the project folder first and created, configured, and built the project again. The build.log indicates the same error about miiphy_reset. Should I re-install PetaLinux tools after installation of the 32bit libraries? Or, I would like to welcome another options and/or comments for the trouble. Thanks in advance. Best regards, Tom IZUMI
  15. Dear Experts, I am 3days beginner of petalinux and would like to ask for help about petalinux for ZYBO. I have tried to build petalinux for ZYBO but failed as the attached. It would be much appreciated if you would kindly give me some help, hints, comments, and/or pointers. Thanks in advance. Best regards, Tom IZUMI ---------------------------------------------------------------- Here is the list of tools and versions. * Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS (GNU/Linux 3.13.0-87-generic x86_64) * Vivado 2015.4 * petalinux-v2016.2-final * Digilent-Zybo-Linux-BD-v