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  1. Hi Alex, I know about the Sweep option but here as I'm showing in the picture when ever the frequency bar is moved the Analog Discovery 2 resets and restart generating the new frequency, and a dead time with no frequency out put will be there every time you change the frequency. also, I did ask another question here , if you can help me. thanks in advance. regards
  2. Hi , while changing the frequency from WaveForms with Analog Discovery 2 the transition between frequencies is not a smooth, it forces the Wavegen to reset the start applying the new requested frequency. is it possible to have a smooth transition between frequencies for example while using the basic settings on WaveForms can I use the bar to set a new target frequency then the transition from the old running frequency to the new target one is controlled somehow like a small sweep to the new target frequency. hope that makes sense ..... regards
  3. Hi , Is it possible to sweep up the frequency then down in a continuous run ? like sweep the frequency from 5 kHz to 100 kHz then back to 1 kHz. regards
  4. Works great ... This means that I can measure the update rate of AD2 right ..? Also, what does manual do in the list there
  5. @attila That is very very helpful. ... I will try this today ...
  6. Can I setup Analog Discovery 2 to have a trigger output..?
  7. Thanks a lot man for your help ... everything working great now, I have another question though but I will ask it in a separate post ...
  8. Nice, I was looking for this all over the Waveforms2015 .... Thanks Big Time @attila
  9. Can I intercept UART signal ... ? what I need to do is to recieve an UART on Analog Discovery2 and pass the signal directly to the pattern generator in real time
  10. Hi There Every one , I just a quick question ... is it possible to probe a 300 V with 10x-100x probes and Analog Discovery 2 .. ?
  11. attilla, Thanks for the reply, that what I was doing but it's good to see a live AWG channel on the scope window
  12. Thanks man, I would be great to have this feature in waveforms . . . . . waiting for it
  13. I feel So Stupid Right Now , lol , I actually got it better than that (Check the attached photos ) , so the - 3db point was at around 13 MHz , so that is pretty much good for me now , I used just a BNC cable direct connection to the channel 1 with BNC Adapter board with AWG Channel set to 0 Ohm Resistance and same response if Scope Channel set to AC or DC coupling (just a little change ) . attila , thanks for the reply , and so sorry that I didn't catch that in the manual
  14. I'm Using Analog Discovery 2 with Waveforms 2015, I need to ask this : is it possible to display The AWG output on Scope Screen without physically connecting the AWG output to the Scope Input ? Thanks in Advance