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  1. Hi Dan, Actually didn't know about it.....will check it out.....thanks.....Len
  2. is it possible to use the Fubarino SD in USB Host (or OTG Host) mode and if so is there a library available for it. Regards, Len
  3. The Arduino shield I am using with an LCD display does not have pins that go to the A4 and A5 pins on the uC32 board. The shield does have I2C pins that go to the J11 dedicated I2C on the uC32 board. However, I can't seem to find a way to change the pins that the Wire library uses to the dedicated pins. I assume it is in the uc32 Board_Defs.h file but I can't see where to change the pin numbers. I am using the UECIDE IDE and have loaded their core files etc for the uC32. Can you help? Regards....Len
  4. I am able to program the Max32 and uC32 by holding the reset button on the boards until the IDE indicates that it is trying to reset the board. Then release the reset button and the IDE proceeds with the programming of the boards. Not sure what is going on here but it does seem to work.
  5. More.... I tried moving over the UECIDE to see if that made a difference....nope, same problem. I should also mention when I try to upload the program using avrdude as the programmer with the shield in, I get a "avrdude: stk500_2_ReceivedMessage(): timeout" When I use the PIC32 programmer from Serge Vakulenko, it gives a "No target found" message.
  6. Hi Jon, I put in a few Serial.println comments in the code to see if the program executes properly. Then I unplugged the LCD Display shield and programmed the Max32. It programmed fine using avrdude. Then I plugged the LCD Display shield back in, reset the board to see if the program ran and I get the Serial.println messages.....and I did. So there seems to be some difference between the Arduino Due and the chipKit Max32 interface to the shield that is not allowing the shield / LCD Display to kick off properly. Again, it works on the Arduino Due but not on the the chipKit
  7. Some more information this issue.... Both the chipKit Max32 and chipKit uc32 display the same "No Target Found" when a BuyDisplay.com LCD Arduino shield is plugged into the boards. Otherwise the boot loader seems to work OK. Any ideas on what might cause the chipKits to display a "No Target Found" when the LCD shield is plugged in? The chipKit cores seem to be properly installed since the boards work when the shield is not plugged in.
  8. I am getting a No Target Found message in the Arduino IDE when compiling and trying to load a sketch into a Chipkit MAX32 board. Is this a known problem? is there something I need to change / do to get the Arduino IDE to find the board and load the sketch? Any help with this issue is most appreciated. Regards.....Len