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  1. Please see https://www.digilentinc.com/Products/Detail.cfm?Prod=JTAG-HS2 with larger photo ofThe bottom left object is a 2x7 to 1x6 connector adapter board. All this stuff sticks straight up off the board. I don't have that much vertical room. I need something to turn 90 degrees. This adapter board seems my best candidate. Do you have a 90-degree version of this connector adapter board? Or can I purchase just the adapter, and then I can, for example, replace the 1x6 90 degree header with a straight header. (I don't want to damage the one I have in hand.)
  2. Of course, it's never that simple! Now I'm running out of .text linker space. I saw this a little bit before. It's funny. The instruction printf("hello worldn") compiles successfully. Omit the "n" from the string and it does not. I guess the compiler is doing some under-the-covers optimization, using like a writeln() if there's a carriage return, but using a different, larger function if not -- and there's no room for the larger function. (My real intent is use % format string to output some debugging values. Ading the % format string also causes the .text error.) Here's the err
  3. Yep. I just found it. I just came back here to answer. Here's the clipboard text I was about to paste: Fixed. Age old RS-232 problem: swap RX/TX. It turns out that TXD_IN on the FMC Carrier S6 schematic is not the input to the FT232H that then gets transmitted out USB. No, it's the transmit FROM the FT232H that goes IN to the FPGA. So I swapped FPGA pins U10 and T10, and it started working. T10 is FPGA RX. U10 is FPGA TX. Funny, that's backwards from your email, hihaita! It seems YOU may have also fallen into that trap just now. It's so easy to get these reversed. Note, I
  4. I have an FMC Carrier S6 board. I'm using Xilinx ISE Design Suite 14.7. My program is periodically sending out a text string. I can probe the TXD_IN pin 13 of the IC11 FT232HQ on the FMC Carrier S6 board, and I see the characters at the desired 115,200 baud. However, on my host PC I don't see the text strings coming in. Specifically, the virtual port comes up as COM13, and I've connected to it with TeraTerm configured for 115,200,8,N,1. I've used both FTDI usb-to-serial adapters and Teraterm a great deal. I should have that all done correctly. In fact, I have two other usb-to-se