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  1. I saw this in a forum http://www.eevblog.com/forum/microcontrollers/guide-getting-xilinx-ise-to-work-with-windows-8-64-bit/ I guess that this board is not supported in Windows 10? Or is it ISE WebPack? Will another software work? I can see that spartan 3e still can be bought... So there must be some development tools that works under windows 10?
  2. Hi Mikel and Gra. Thanks for your answers. The device was not connected during software installation. I am currently on leave. Will be back in 3 weeks. However if the support team can answer if the current driver should work. or if there is an update.. I guess I have to buy a new board ... Thanks /John
  3. Thanks for the reply Mikel However the problem occurs as soon as I plug in the USB cable into the computer. Unable to install USB device. In order for the programmer to work, the board must be recognized by the operative system. I guess it has to do with the driver. But if this is not a general problem then it must be something with my computer. Maybe a conflict or something ... Thanks /John
  4. Hi Michael. The ISE WebPack was installed successfully. I can create the project. But unable to program the board since the board is not found. In Windows Device Manager the board is marked as an unkonown device. It seems that the drivers that comes with ISE WebPack are not supported by Windows 10 In Xilinx homepage the board is discontinued http://www.xilinx.com/products/boards-and-kits/hw-spar3e-sk-us-g.html Thanks /John
  5. Hi. I have a Spartan 3e starter kit which I bought a few years ago. I cant get it to work with windows 10. I have installed the latest ISE webpack (from 2014). but the drivers does not seem to be compatible with windows 10. I saw that this board is still on digilent home page so there must be a way to make this work (http://store.digilentinc.com/spartan-3e-starter-board-limited-time/) Does any one have this board running on windows 10? Thanks /John