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    Hi guys, A screen shot as you see below is a SDK projects that has two system_wrapper_hw_platform folder. this program work properly when I program from JTAG, But when I'm trying to create BOOT Image, it's not work. How can I create the boot in this situation? please help me about this problem. thanks.
  2. Hi every one. I was Created HLS Ip Core. This Core is a simple Image Filer, and the input for this Core is a matrix of picture that I built in Matlab, Now I'm trying to have a input from HDMI and filter output from VGA. In other words, I don't know "How create a simple block design in ZYBO for have HDMI input, VGA output and HLS IP CORE?" and "Which commands need to read frames from input in SDK sowftware?" Best regards. Abish SJ