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  1. Hi Andrew, I have one question. When I was trying to have 720p resolution, I choose "<120MHz", But I have these Errors: I think My refclk is not correct. thank you for your answers.
  2. Hello again Andrew, I updated dvi2rgb core but didn't have any output on VGA. and it's my Clock settings: thanks,
  3. Hello Andrew, In the first, Thank you for answer. It's my Project Block Design: And it's dvi2rgb block settings: and it's my MHL cable: thank you very much. this problem is very important for me. please help me about this.
  4. Hi every one, I'm trying to have My Smartphone (Sony Xperia Z2) MHL (TV-OUT) output in ZYBO HDMI input. When I use my laptop HDMI output (720p), the ZYBO works correctly, But when I connect My Smartphone via MHL(Mobile High-Definition Link) cable, Idon't have any output from VGA port. I must say that I tested phone MHL output on TV and it worked perfectly (1280*[email protected] & 1920*[email protected]). Please help me about this problem. Best regards. Sina shiri
  5. Hi every one, I want to a IP CORE for face detection that created by HLS. According to OpenCV function for face detection (Cascade Classifier), I found similar function in “hls/hls_video_haar.h” in to “hls_video.h” library, But I don’t know How can I use these function for face detection. Please help me about these topic. Best wishes.
  6. Thank you very much. The Problem was the SD card. I changed with another one, and BOOT.bin file work. But I don't know why the DIGILENT BOOT.bin file works properly with bad SD card!!! Finally, thanks for your attention. Best Regards.
  7. Hi Bianca, In the first, Thank you for your fast answer. I used the BOOT.bin file that you posted, But this file don't work on ZYBO too. In the other side, I used the BOOT.bin file that created by DIGILENT and it's for Image Filtering Demo (the link is below). This BOOT.bin file works properly. My board Mode when used BOOT.bin file that you sent: when i used BOOT.bin file from the link (
  8. Hi, I'm trying to Booting My C++ Application from SD Card, I do the following actions: 1.start Vivado software. 2. New Project. 3. Select Zybo from Board lists. 4. Create Block Design. 5. Add Ip 6. Add Zynq7 Processing System. 7. Run Block Automation 8. Route M_AXI_GP0_ACLK pin to FCLK_CLK0 pin. 9. Validate Design (no error). 10. create wrapper 11. Generate Bit stream 12. Export> Export hardware (include bitstream). 13.launch SDK. 14. Create new application (c++). 15. Write my code #include<stdio.h> int main() { while (true) { printf("sin\n\n"); } return 0; } 16. save 17. create new application Name: FSBL Os platform: Standalone hardware platform: design_1_wrapper_hw_platform_0 Processor: ps7_cortex_a9_0 language: C Board support package: create new 18. slelect "Zyng FSBL" template 19.Create Boot Image *.bif path. 21. add FSBL.elf as bootloader file 22. add design_1_wrapper.bit as data file 23. add Myapp.elf as data file 24.create BOOT.bin file 25. format SD card as FAT format mode. 26. copy BOOT.bin file into SD card 28. put SD card into Slot 29. change JP5 Jumper in SD mode 30. power on. But only Red LED turn on, and green LED turn off for all time. PLEASE HELP ME ABOUT THIS TOPIC (Excuse me for my bad English)