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  1. The issue is solved . I forgot to install Adept 2 before. Now It is installed and waveform 2015 can be launched. Thanks
  2. Hello forum, Are all the products that are found in your store deal with the voltage differences around the world or you are only concentrating to the USA consumers ? I am currently residing inside the Sweden and the voltage frequencies for the outlet is 230 V. I am very keen to go through the works you have outlined in your website and I would like to check some of the practical issues beforehand. Thanks
  3. Hello forum, I just installed the waveform2015 from your repository to give it a try and get myself introduced to the interface. I am running ubuntu 16.10 on x86 system. I installed the debian package, but it does not launch the application even after I clicked the launch icon and waited for a while. Any hint to get around this issue ? Thanks
  4. Thanks Dan, I have already piled up some resources and wondering to discuss to make sure that I am hanging out the correct reading material along with the suggestions you mentioned. The very first on my list is : 1. An Embedded Software Primer - Some comment about the book would be helpful. Regards sajis997
  5. Hello everyone, I think I better tell a bit about my self and my expectation from this forum. I am interested in algorithm design and programming. I have several years of experience in C++,but yet to program with any embedded systems. I am very keen to get into this paradigm and need your suggestion to guide the process. I have already seen several course works in this site. Could any one provide me with the chronological order of the course works from "DIGILENT" to become a professional embedded developer ? Thanks