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  1. I found myself at least a hint to the answer of this problem. It can be found in chapter 3 (performance) of the dvi2rgb documentation
  2. Hello, I downloaded the latest release of the "Nexys Video HDMI Demo" from Github (Nexys-Video-HDMI-2016.4-2.zip) and I installed Vivado 2016.4 only for the purpose of implementing the hardware design and generating the bitstream of this demo. I generated the project by executing the tcl-script in the proj-folder and then generated the bitstream. The write_bitstream was completed successfully but for the implemented design Vivado reported one critical warning: [Timing 38-282] The design failed to meet the timing requirements. According to the Timing Report this warning refers to the
  3. effisio

    Nexysvideo and Adept

    zygot: Thank you for your reply. Maybe there was a little missunderstanding. Adept 2 recognizes the Nexys Video and its FPGA and I can use the config tab to configure the FPGA. That works. But I am missing all the other stuff I used to have with the Atlys Board, simply because Adept has no information about what is on the board Nexys Video besides the FPGA. Especially this means I cannot read or program the spi flash using adept. I suppose now that Digilent simply didn't create a file with board information for Nexysvideo to be used by Adept.
  4. effisio

    Nexysvideo and Adept

    @[email protected]: Thank you very much, that helps me a lot! @zygot: Does this mean that your Adept installation is able to load board specific information related to the Nexys Video? The corresponding file should then come with the Adept installation (as it e.g. does for the Atlys Board). Is there any newer version than 2.16.4 available?
  5. effisio

    Nexysvideo and Adept

    Hi Bianca Thank you for the answer. I normally use Vivado for programming. But I was hoping that using Adept would be possible, too, because with the Atlys Board it was sometimes really handy to use it for programming and especially also for reading the current content of the spi flash. I was not able to manage that with the Vivado tools by now. Is it possible at all? Best regards, Effisio
  6. effisio

    Nexysvideo and Adept

    Hi I wanted to program my Nexys Video using Adept 2 Software (version 2.16.4) . However, the program could not find any specific board information, so it ends up with loading default information which only presents me the config and settings tab. The config tab tells me that adept recognizes the connected board correctly as Nexysvideo. What is going wrong here? Thanks, R.G.