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  1. No output from command line. If DDiscovery is plugged in when Waveforms starts, the 'Opening device' dialog comes up and hangs. Dismissing it crashes Waveforms. If it's not plugged in, the device manager dialog comes up. On plugging in, the device with serial number comes up. Selecting it then brings up the opening device which again hangs. Dismissing opening device takes me back to the device manager dialog. Then cancelling the device manager crashes Waveforms, sometimes, anyway. With no device plugged in, starting Waveforms and selecting demo does work. Running Mint 18.3
  2. Just installed Waveforms for Linux (3.12.2 64-bit Qt5.6.3 Linux Mint 18.3) and it hangs on opening device. Is there a driver missing? A reboot did not solve the issue. Thanks!
  3. Hello - trying to install waveforms on Ubuntu. Downloaded the .deb package but it has a myriad of conflicts and dependencies. Any help around? Thanks,
  4. RTC


    As it turns out, the Digilent USB does indeed support Chipscope. Just be sure to select "Digilent USB" in the JTAG menu in Chipscope and it runs. Yes, it does take resources but it you have the room it's a nifty tool. Your suggestions are good alternatives - If you're pin rich you can also just route signals you want to monitor out and record them with a logic analyzer which is particularly good if you need a deep trace.
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    Hmmm - does this mean we can't use Chipscope? If that's the case it's a big handicap.
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    Cmod S6 toolchain?

    Amazing! Spartan seems to be a current product for Xilinx, you'd think they could have a unified tool chain. Oh, well, I still have ISE kicking around. Thanks.
  7. RTC

    Cmod S6 toolchain?

    Hello - looks like the FPGA Cmod series do not come with a Vivado license like Arty does. From Xilinix info, should be possible to use their webpack version for the A7 but that product does not support Spartan. Any ideas on how to support the Spartan chip? Thanks, - Rick