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  1. Hi Zermelo, Yes, that is true. However, there is a mode of operation where the 16 auxiliary inputs get distributed in pairs, where each pair can be sampled simultaneously (see " Simultaneous Sampling Mode" on UG480 pg. 59). I wanted to make use of that feature, although I can't get it to work. I have the same understanding as you, as each differential pair has its own "address_in" that brings the data to the "data_out". But then this mode doesn't add extra address and data outputs, so I am wondering how it works. Perhaps it samples each input with 6bits and outputs those on the same data ou
  2. Hi,Even though I think this board should be towards questions about Digilent boards specifically, see if you can help me (I tried Xilinx forums without success). I am using the XADC's Vaux4 and Vaux12 on my Cmod A7. However, I'm having difficulties implementing the simultaneous sampling function using the XADC Wizard (Vivado 2016.2). From the wizard I get the ADC module with one address_in "pin" and one data_out "pin". My question is, if it is sampling both pairs simultaneously, how do I access the data? Wouldn't it be necessary to have two data outputs, one for each pair? How does it work?
  3. Thank you for your response Sergiu, I will go over and take a look on these boards. Hopefully one of them suits my needs better. Best, Leo
  4. We are trying to use the CmodA7 to access the Artix-7's xADC. We are trying to supply a fully differential input to the xADC. After reading documentation it appears that the CmodA7 supports two unipolar inputs (via pins AIN15_P/N and AIN16_P/N) as opposed to one bipolar input. Can you verify this? Does Digilent offer any boards with the Artix-7 that access the dedicated 100-ohm xADC fully differential inputs? (Instead of the fourth and twelth auxiliary 10 kOhm xADC fully differential inputs.)
  5. Hi JColvin, Thanks for replying. That really is all I wanted to know. I just wanted to make sure, better safe than sorry Now I can move on with my layout. Thank you and have a nice day! Leonardo
  6. Hi everyone, I want to use the Cmod A7-15T on a custom application and I would like to have the board's DIP footprint. Basically what I want to do is solder a female header to a PCB so I can stick the Cmod A7 into it. If you could provide me with the DIP dimensions that would be highly appreciated. Thanks, Leonardo