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  1. Hi Zermelo, Yes, that is true. However, there is a mode of operation where the 16 auxiliary inputs get distributed in pairs, where each pair can be sampled simultaneously (see " Simultaneous Sampling Mode" on UG480 pg. 59). I wanted to make use of that feature, although I can't get it to work. I have the same understanding as you, as each differential pair has its own "address_in" that brings the data to the "data_out". But then this mode doesn't add extra address and data outputs, so I am wondering how it works. Perhaps it samples each input with 6bits and outputs those on the same data out register? So that is what I am trying to understand. Any thoughts?
  2. Hi,Even though I think this board should be towards questions about Digilent boards specifically, see if you can help me (I tried Xilinx forums without success). I am using the XADC's Vaux4 and Vaux12 on my Cmod A7. However, I'm having difficulties implementing the simultaneous sampling function using the XADC Wizard (Vivado 2016.2). From the wizard I get the ADC module with one address_in "pin" and one data_out "pin". My question is, if it is sampling both pairs simultaneously, how do I access the data? Wouldn't it be necessary to have two data outputs, one for each pair? How does it work? Thank you guys for your time and patience,Leo
  3. Leonardo

    CmodA7 xADC operation

    Thank you for your response Sergiu, I will go over and take a look on these boards. Hopefully one of them suits my needs better. Best, Leo
  4. Leonardo

    CmodA7 xADC operation

    We are trying to use the CmodA7 to access the Artix-7's xADC. We are trying to supply a fully differential input to the xADC. After reading documentation it appears that the CmodA7 supports two unipolar inputs (via pins AIN15_P/N and AIN16_P/N) as opposed to one bipolar input. Can you verify this? Does Digilent offer any boards with the Artix-7 that access the dedicated 100-ohm xADC fully differential inputs? (Instead of the fourth and twelth auxiliary 10 kOhm xADC fully differential inputs.)
  5. Leonardo

    Cmod A7 DIP Footprint

    Hi JColvin, Thanks for replying. That really is all I wanted to know. I just wanted to make sure, better safe than sorry Now I can move on with my layout. Thank you and have a nice day! Leonardo
  6. Leonardo

    Cmod A7 DIP Footprint

    Hi everyone, I want to use the Cmod A7-15T on a custom application and I would like to have the board's DIP footprint. Basically what I want to do is solder a female header to a PCB so I can stick the Cmod A7 into it. If you could provide me with the DIP dimensions that would be highly appreciated. Thanks, Leonardo