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  1. I am working with a spartan 6 design of the ATLYS. Because of the speed of the IOs it is not possible ti run 1080p60 full HD video eben when implementing TMDS manually. Is that the same with nexys? Or does ARTIX support hight transmission rates? In another forum, it was estimated that it should be possible with both FPGA types using GTP ports. Is that true? Can the IOs support TMDS electronical leven when run this way?
  2. Well it is exactely what is said: Bad routing. You may try another PLL or another CC IN. (clock capaable input).
  3. Can you perform stall detection?
  4. Is the issue with the 20ns solved now? It is mentioned in the design sources. What I do not understand is the problem with the 148.5MHz and the spec. Why is that not possible? Would you say it is possible to port this design to the atlys?
  5. I lost my programming Laptop because of a total crash down / physical damage and had to reinstall my progrmmer. Now I wanted to return to a project but mis the support files for atlys. The product page does not show any example projects anymore. I am particularly interessted in the video demo mentioned somewhere here in the forum. Where can this be found? thanks
  6. mwagner

    FFT with Microblaze

    They have nothing to do at all, or? So writing the FFT results into a RAM and accessing it with a to-RAM-bridge should do.
  7. It should also possible to do this in two steps from 25 * 27 / 25 = 27.000 MHz. 27 MHz is the fundamental osc freq for video.
  8. I tried that too, but failed. It was reported it was easier to use the ETH PHY without a MAC at least when UDP is desired.
  9. I found an example file for audio with a Spartan 6 with the Digilent Atlys here: See the zip file at the end of the page. It produces reverb effects. The programmer produces sound synthesizers according to his page.
  10. You can try the open source VGA Project or the free core from, I am using too.
  11. I also need to move a design from former Spartan 6 to now Artix7 and stumbled over this issue. The core cannot be upgraded and there is no multiport option for Artix designs with native Interface.