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  1. Never mind, I found a competing company that provides professional level documentation (as opposed to your hobby shop stuff).
  2. I looked in the reference manual. All it says is that they "high speed" differential pairs. There is no indication of the relative path lengths between the different pairs. I'm having a hard time seeing why the layout is proprietary as it is such a trivial board. The only rational behind purchasing this board is that for a one up or development it is cheaper to buy one then to build one. There is no technical challenge here so why the big secrecy? Just about any electronics designer could easily build a competing board. How about providing the path lengths of all the differential IO
  3. Hello, Is it possible to get pdf images of the Arty board layout layers? I would like to select the best IO differential pairs so as to match propagation delays as much as possible. I'm sort of wondering why this layout info isn't available already as it isn't as if designing and laying out a board such as this is some huge technical achievement or closely guarded secret. Just about every other board that I've purchased (ex AC701, Dini Group's boards, ...) includes this information. Thanks.