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  1. Trying to find information regarding how I can be sure that LabView Home will work with a particular piece of hardware. I might end up with one of NI's USB DAQ devices (like a USB-6000), or a DATAQ DI-149, or a Labjack U3-HV, or anything similar. Does LabView Home require a specific driver to recognize any of these devices? Is there a decent selection of those drivers readily available? I am trying to put together a simple DAQ system that will have RPM measurement up to around 20,000 rpm and two different full bridge strain gauge setups. LabView will would be much nicer than trying to use the software that comes with the Dataq or Labjack devices. Also - does LabView Home have the same capability that the full LabView has where you can write out an executable to run instead of having to run through LabView itself?