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  1. Unable to update firmware

    I updated the tutorial in the first link you posted. I'm not surprised 0.3.6 didn't work, but 1.0.1 should. I'm glad to hear that it worked from Win10, but I'm still not sure what the issue is in Mac OS. I've never personally tried on macOS 10.13.1 (only 10.11 and 10.12) so I'll see if I can round up a macOS 10.13.1 machine and test this. -Kristoff
  2. Unable to update firmware

    Hey, What version of the Digilent Agent do you have installed? You can see by right clicking the Agent Icon in the system tray / dock. Do any other firmware versions load correctly? Are you able to try uploading firmware from another computer? Thanks! -Kristoff
  3. Unable to update firmware

    Hey, Are you able to get to the instrument panel and acquire data (Click Single, then Force trigger) with firmware version 1.4.0? Were you able to put the device in bootloader mode first and then try updating the firmware? It's possible the firmware is not being downloaded from our server correctly. Can you try downloading the firmware manually from here. Then go through the update firmware process but rather than choosing a version of the firmware from the drop down click Browse and select the hex file from your computer. Let us know how it goes. -Kristoff
  4. Unable to update firmware

    Just to confirm are you using (as opposed to an offline build)? Are you able to see the console output in Chrome? You could also try putting the OpenScope in the bootloader before you upload the firmware. To do this press and hold the BTNP button on the open scope while you press and release the BTNR (reset) button. The red light should flash quickly to indicate that the device is in bootloader mode. Try updating running the firmware update from WaveForms Live again. I'd be interested to see the console output in both cases. -Kristoff (I have to run to a meeting shortly, but I'll be back later this morning.)
  5. Unable to update firmware

    Can you click the menu button in the upper left, and then click Settings. Expand Advanced and the click Change Console Log and choose Console (if you refresh the page these settings will go back to their defaults). Return to the device manager page (without refreshing the page) and try to update the firmware again. If you open the developer console (Option-Cmd-J in Safari I think) you should see a bunch of commands printed during the update. Wait until you get the error message about the firmware not uploading and then copy and paste the entire console log here. We'll have a look and see if we can figure out what went wrong. -Kristoff
  6. Unable to update firmware

    Does the progress bar fill in at all or does it fail before the progress bar updates as all? -Kristoff
  7. Unable to update firmware

    Hey J3kz, What part of the process fails? Is the Digilent Agent running? Are you able to add the Agent connection to WaveForms Live? Are you able to see the COM port for the device in WaveForms Live? Are you able to start the firmware update process? The more details you can provide the better. Let us know and we'll help you get this figured out. Thanks! -Kristoff
  8. Glad to hear it's working. Let us know if you have any questions as you get started. -Kristoff
  9. No worries Jos. I'd be curious to see the console output during the boot process to see if it gives any more details on what happens when it tries to connect to the network: Use WaveForms Live to setup your wifi connection. Right click on the Digilent Agent and release the device. This frees the COM port. Use a serial terminal like PuTTY to open the serial port. Set the buad rate to 1250000. Press the reset button on the OpenScope MZ (the button farthest away from the wifi radio) You should see boot up info printed to the terminal. Here is what mine looks like when it connects to the 'Digilent_2.4G' network on boot. -Kristoff
  10. Hey Mylim, We've tested this on many Windows 10 machines and I've never had to run the application in compatibility mode before. Which compatibility mode did you choose (Window 7, XP, etc)? Can you provide your system information so we can try to reproduce this? Click Start>>Run Type dxdiag and press enter Click Save All Information... in the lower left. Save the text file and attach it to this thread or PM it to me. Thanks! -Kristoff
  11. Hey, The 3rd image you posted shows the error message you get when WaveForms Live cannot connect to the Agent. The 4th image shows what you should see when you are able to connect to the agent. The COM ports listed in the drop down are returned from the Agent, so this means that at least some communication is working. Do you frequently see the error message in the 3rd image? Can you confirm that COM 4 is the correct COM port? You can check by opening Windows Device Manager and expanding the Ports section, then connect and disconnect the OpenScope MZ to see what COM port it shows up as. Do you have administer privileges on your computer? You could try closing the Digilent Agent (right click on the system tray icon and choose 'Exit') and the running it as Admin (Right click the Digilent Agent icon in the start menu and choose Run As Admin) -Kristoff
  12. We'll I'm glad to hear that it is working, but it's too bad we didn't find out what was wrong. Let us know if you start having issues again and we can keep debugging. -Kristoff
  13. Hey, What browser are you using? Can you try using Chrome? Can you also try navigating to the http://localhost:42135 in both your default browser and chrome and let us know what happens. Thanks! -Kristoff
  14. Changing firmware versions may cause previously saved wifi networks to stop working, but they should be cleared in this case. As long as you're not updating firmware every time you boot (which it sounds like you're not) that shouldn't be the issue. -Kristoff
  15. This chart is probably the best way to compare our instrumentation products. Let us know if you have any questions. We're always happy to help. -Kristoff