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  1. OpenScope MZ PCB getting hot

    Hey Rasul, Can you try the steps listed in this document and let us know if you are able to get through them. Thanks! -Kristoff
  2. Hey, You are correct that the binary data is 4876 bytes encoded as I16 in mV. This data can be very misleading when you copy / paste it as text. Many text editors will simply drop characters they cannot display. Since the data coming back from the hardware is binary and not ASCII there are typically many non displayable characters. Make sure you keep everything in binary until you convert it to I16. If you're using JavaScript you can treat the incoming data as an ArrayBuffer and then create a I16 TypedArray 'view' of the data which is basically an I16 array. Let us know if you have more questions about this. Thanks! -Kristoff
  3. Hey Watson, Can you check what version of the FTDI driver you have installed and then try updating to the latest. Thanks! -Kristoff
  4. Can you update to the latest build of the Digilent Agent from here and let us know if that changes anything. Thanks! -Kristoff
  5. the ionic Grid layout not work

    If you create an ionic starter project and use your grid code there does it work?
  6. the ionic Grid layout not work

    I assume the column widths are the part that is not working the way you want, is that correct? 'width-30' is not valid grid syntax. Use 'col-3' and 'col-12' as shown here. Let us know if that works. Thanks! -Kristoff
  7. When you update the firmware it will erase saved wifi data. After updating if you run through the Wifi setup wizard and enter your credentials and tell the OpenScope MZ to auto connect does it connect at boot? Thanks! -Kristoff
  8. the ionic Grid layout not work

    Hey, Can you provide some more details? What happens when you try to use it? Thanks! -Kristoff
  9. Digilent Instrumentation Protocol

    Ahh interesting. I didn't look close enough and missed the 'command' in the first packet. You are correct that JSON does not guarantee the order of the tokens. That being said every JSON library I've used leaves them in the same order, but Python 2.7 may be special The OpenScope parser should handle this, but it looks like it may not. I'll have to ask Keith about this when he is back in the office next week. -Kristoff
  10. Digilent Instrumentation Protocol

    The "command" token is part of the Digilent Instrumentation Protocol and is required for the OpenScope to process the request. -Kristoff
  11. Hey uaiti, As you've already discovered you can talk directly to the OpenScope via wifi or go through the Digilent Agent if the OpenScope is connected to a computer via USB. WaveForms Live uses both of these methods: If you click Add A Device and choose Agent WaveForms live sends commands from your browser to the agent using HTTP POSTs. The Agent forwards these messages out on the UART (at a baud rate of 1250000), waits for a response from the OpenScope, and forwards the response back as the response to the HTTP POST request. If you click Add A Device and choose Network WaveForms Live sends the same HTTP POSTS directly to the OpenScope. In both cases the same Digilent Instrumentation Protocol commands are sent, however there are a few additional commands to configure the Agent. WaveForms Live needs a way to tell the Agent which USB device to connect to. This is done with the 'Set Active Device' command which is also an HTTP POST command from WaveForms but sent to a different endpoint (<AGENTS_IP_ADDRESS>:<PORT>/config). The last image you posted is the Agent telling you that it does not have an active device (ie you didn't tell it which USB device to forward commands to). Unfortunately I don't think we published much / any documentation on this part. You can see the Digilent Agent code that handles these commands here. Scroll all the way to the bottom and starting on line 217 you'll see the command string to command enum mapping. The Digilent Agent parses and executes the commands you send it in the processCommand() function in that same file. As for the JSON mode issue, can you confirm that you are including the "\r\n" in your command? You could also try connecting to the device from WaveForms Live and navigating to the instrument panel. This will put the OpenScope MZ in JSON mode. Then just close that browser and start sending other JSON commands to the device. The OpenScope will remain in JSON mode until it reboots. Hopefully that helps. Let us know what other questions you have. Thanks! -Kristoff
  12. OpenScopeMZ won't turn on.

    Awesome, glad to hear that it's working now. Let us know if you have any more questions. Thanks! -Kristoff
  13. Demonstrate AM vs. FM for Ham Radio

    The Analog Discovery 2 uses the WaveForms software which has a lot more configuration options for both the oscilloscope and the waveform generator. OpenScope uses WaveForms Live which has a subset of the functionality found in WaveForms. @attila I know you can combine multiple wave types in the Waveform generator in WaveForms (too many uses of 'waveform' ) , but does WaveForms provide AM or FM modulation as an option? Thanks! -Kristoff
  14. OpenScopeMZ won't turn on.

    Hey freeman, Sorry to hear you're having trouble. Assuming you have a Windows computer (let us know if not) can you try: Open Windows Device Manager Expand Ports and make note of the ports listed Connect the OpenScope MZ to the PC via USB Check if any additional ports are listed. Let us know what you find. Also, does the Blue LED flash at all? Thanks! -Kristoff
  15. Open Scope does not working

    Hey Gandalfredo, LD4 flashing means that the OpenScope MZ is booted and ready, but not connected to a Wifi network. When you connect the OpenScope MZ to the USB port do you see LD5 and LD6 flash? What Operating System are you using? Please follow the steps that James suggested in his previous post (How to Recover an OpenScope MZ with Corrupt Firmware) and let us know what you find, then we can provide more troubleshooting steps. Thanks! -Kristoff