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  1. Thanks. That is awesome. That is all I wanted.
  2. Guys, I want to make a shield for Arty. Can you give us complete dimensions of the Arty board? Previously posted drawing PDF missed two dimensions. See below: It would be nice to have an STL/DXF or other mechanical CAD file of the board. This way we do not have to ask you to give us dimensions for the switches/other components. I understand the need to keep the Arty design proprietary, but you got to give us something that we could use.
  3. Can you specify 2 dimensions highlighted on the board on the attached image? For the headers they are standard 100mil headers(J4, J1, J7, J2). Correct? The dimensions on the board headers do not appear to match the ChipKit(which has PCB file available). Correct? It would be nice to have any kind of electronic reference file. 3D CAD file or .STL or anything we can use to measure dimensions on our own. I understand the necessity of keeping Arty's layout proprietary, but you got to give us something..