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  1. qd0090

    ddr2 spartan6 in ATLYS

    hi , i want to use ddr2 in ATLYS, though MIG in spartan6, i tried many days but it still do not work. 1. is there any reference design for ATLYS about how to use ddr2? not in microblaze, just in ise, using vhdl or verilog 2. i upload my design files(because the project is larger than 0.49MB), maybe someone can help me i use ise 14.7, now i am stuck in that the "c3_p0_wr_full" signal of the MIG ip never go low thanks! V3_DDR2_MT46H64M16.ucf V3_DDR2_MT46H64M16.v ddr2_atlys.v infrastructure.v memc_wrapper.v mcb_controller.rar