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  1. Thanks Andrew, in the meantime great step-by-step Tutorials on this topic have been made available here (under "Documents" ) and here and I have been able to store the application program on flash. BR Enrico
  2. oe7aft

    How to program Arty flash

    Thanks Mikel, very helpful! in the meantime I have found that Avnet has also a tutorial on this topic here (under "Documents"). I can now move on with my SDR project ;-) BR Enrico
  3. Hi, Could anyone provide a complete step-by-step tutorial (perhaps in "ARTY Resource Center" style ;-) on how to boot the Microblaze and load the application program from the SPI flash on Arty? I have carefully read this post but I am missing some part, e.g. how to modify the "PARAM_VALUE.C_USE_STARTUP" parameter in the *.xit file and how to clock the SPI flash. Thanks. enrico
  4. oe7aft

    How to program Arty flash

    Hi, Thanks for sharing your solution, but it is difficult to get the "whole picture". Could you please provide on your ARTY Resource Center a complete step-by-step tutorial on how to boot and load a uBlaze application program from SPI flash? It would be really helpful! BR