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  1. Hi JohnBee, Are you referring to the scope inputs being differential on the discovery and the bnc adapter routing the -ve input to gnd? I'm thinking of making a differential version of the bnc adapter. If it works I'll leave a link to osh park so that others can build their own.
  2. Hi I've been sent here from another thread. On win7 64bit pro it only have three tabs, General, Driver and Details. I've checked and I am an Admin on this machine.
  3. I've a similar issue on win7 64bit pro. The unit was working fine and then all of a sudden stopped. It shows up as a USB Serial Converter in the device manager. I think its a driver issue, I use other FTDI usb to serial leads on the same machine. When I plug my discovery into another machine running win 7 64bit pro is fires up and behaves as normal. EDIT: I crawled around the back and plugged into an unused port, It's functioning but I need a usb extender/hub. I just plugged it back into the original port and now it's working again.... Wei