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  1. Thanks, Bianca!

    I've taken a picture of the board and marked the components that need to be replaced, just to make sure we are referring to the same positions. 


    I "think" this is R24, but because the silkscreen print got clipped I'm not 100% sure - it could also be R74(?).  I assume you have access to the assembly drawing and can therefore identify the correct reference designator.  Because this resistor is of size 0402 whereas R26 is of size 0805, they must have different part numbers.


    I'm pretty sure the marked 0805 resistor location actually is R26 and your part number (ERJ-P06J101V) being a size 0805 package seems to confirm this.  However, I would definitely appreciate it if you could verify that this position is indeed R26, just to make sure.  


    This is probably the most non-ambiguous position of the three so I'll go ahead and get an NSQA6V8AW5T2 for replacement.


    Thanks again for your help!


  2. Hi,

    Three components on my JTAG-HS3 programming adapter got physically damaged.  Although the board still works I'd like to replace the damaged parts as a precautionary measure.  Could you please provide me with the part numbers / part values for the following components:

    R24 (or R74? The silkscreen is not clearly readable.)




    Thank you!