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  1. Hello all, I was able to get a usable Bessel null down to a 1kHz modulation signal, although getting a null of more than 30 to 40 dB is difficult. It works much better at modulation frequencies at 2kHz and above providing nulls of greater than 40dB. Does anyone know of any better settings methods to use below 1kHz?
  2. Commanderfranz, the Data Logger does work as a voltmeter, however I find the Scope Measure function under View very helpful as well. The Scope section seems to have all of the features comparable to a Keysight USB or Tektronix digital storage oscilloscope. Very impressive. The data display seems better than a Fluke 190. It is, of course, lower in voltage and frequency range than the other devices mentioned, but also far less expensive. The voltage range can hopefully be extended with a 10:1 'scope probe and the adapter. The sampling and processing is lower, of course, so there are a few 'scope display anomalies. However, this is more than acceptable for home hobby, or even low frequency circuit troubleshooting, as far as I can see. The Spectrum display also seems to work nicely, as well. I'll see if I can set it up to measure some Bessel nulls later when I try the FM function. I'll be checking out the signal generation in more detail on some later projects.
  3. I have an error on the amplitude of a Wavegen squarewave with the following parameters: 1Hz, 5V Amplitude, 5V Offset, 50% Symmetry, 0 degrees Phase, CH1 output only. The amplitude as measured when set to .1 Hz is 5.4V Hi and 0.0V Low using an external DMM and the AD2 'scope. When set to DC, the output measures 5.0V on the external DMM and the AD2 'scope. This error is small enough that it will not effect my usage (I'm simulating the turn signal output of my motorcycle), just wondering about the cause. Also, what is the maximum current output of the Wavegen? Dwayne
  4. BKallaher, that worked perfectly. AD2 is up and running. Quite impressive from my first quick tests. Thanks again!
  5. BKallaher, I thought so, but the descriptions led me to believe the rpm files were for x86 machines and the deb files were for AMD. I will install the deb files. Thanks!
  6. attila, I tried rebooting and reconnecting, no luck. I had no previous version installed. I initially installed the tar files for Adept, the utilities and waveforms rpm. I then read a forum post that the tar files may not install properly, and to try the deb or rpm files. So I then tried the rpm files, but there was no script for installing them. I copied the files into their respective folders. I have tried to uninstall it all, but do not know if I have located all of the files. I will try reinstalling,
  7. Hello, my wife just bought me an Analog Discovery 2 for my birthday, and am attempting to set it up in Ubuntu. I am running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS 64-bit on an Intel i7, and installed Adept runtime 2.16.5 x86 64-bit, Adept utilities 2.2.1 x86 64 and WaveForms 3.3.5 x86 64-bit. When I launch WaveForms it does not detect the device. When I run dadutil enum it states no devices found, but lsusb shows: Bus 003 Device 099: ID 0403:6014 Future Technology Devices International, Ltd FT232H Single HS USB-UART/FIFO IC There is allot of information on setting up in Windows, but I have been unable to locate much in regards to Linux. Are there any resources for using the Adept utilities, WaveForms and setting up in Linux? Dwayne