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  1. Since the openscope is open-source, 1. Can it be modified to be higher spec? I would love to see higher MSPS rate and current going through each of the lines 2. Do you have the PCB layout and parts list publically available? I want to try my hand at modifying it to get those higher specs in case I am unable to modify the parts directly
  2. Sorry for not responding readily. I accidentally set it to not notify me upon response, and its been a while since I last pulled it back out. After pulling it back out, I found (to my horror) that I had left the USB plug in and the MicroUSB connection had been pulled off. Normally I'd be worried that this removed the contacts, but magically it appears that these are still connected, considering I was able to solder a new connector on and have the solder flow onto the contacts properly. It worked for a bit, but failed to connect about 30 minutes later. OS: Windows 10 & Ubuntu The
  3. I was using my analog discovery, but suddenly it no longer wants to communicate with my computer. I am assuming that the warranty is void, but I was wondering what options I have. Are there buy-back programs available? Does Digilent offer repair services for the Analog Discovery? Is it worth it to upgrade to the Analog Discovery 2? Thanks, Best wishes, - George Aguirre