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  1. @jpeyron Jon, Thanks for bringing this to notice. I will try to link with keyboard adapter. --Rohit
  2. @NAEastland Thanks for your suggestions. I tried to implement the interface with PmodPS2 as you suggested. It works perfectly fine when I connect a PS/2 keyboard. Now when I am trying my *USB keyboard* and using USB to PS2 converter (which looks like, it is not working ! Please let me know if you have any idea or suggestions to debug this problem. --Rohit
  3. Hello, I want to connect USB keyboard to Zynq Zybo board. But it takes USB OTG as input. I previously had a code which included ps2data and ps2clk signals. I am not sure about how to do this interface with Zybo board. Any help will be appreciated ! Thanks, Rohit
  4. Rohit

    Connect HDMI to ZedBoard

    JColvin, Thanks for responding. I got your point. Site has project zipped and I was talking about that by saying clean project. And I am not sure whether project is built in vivado or ise, because They've provided .ucf . So I was curious. As I am interfacing for first time I was looking for tutorials online. Please let me know if you have references or tutorial for connecting hdmi to zedboard. Thanks, Rohit
  5. Hello, Thanks for posting tutorials on your site. I am trying to connect HDMI to Zedboard using Vivado 2016 for first time. I am unable to see the output. Also I cannot download clean project. I am not sure about connections on board and software you used. Can you guide me for this? I am referring to Thank You,