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  1. Same result. I put Zynq IP first, clicked to the automation things. Then, I right clicked 4btns at the Board tab, OK, it made GPIO and connected buttons. Finally I right clicked 4leds in the board tab and it made the error. Vivado is 2016.1
  2. Hello It seems that Zybo Board files at Git are faulty. It gives some error messages, when connecting Leds to GPIO by assistant. See the picture. XDC master file has miss typo at one of VGA_R bits also.
  3. It must be something strange with the new Vivado vesrion 2016.2. When I imported the same project_1 from above into 2016.1, everything works OK.
  4. It started, when I updated both XDC and the board files to the newest from Git. I packed everything together with simple I/O project at
  5. Yes, I do. This one exactly, with buttons, leds and switches uncommented.
  6. Hello I installed the newest Vivado 2016.2 and the newest Zybo board files from git repo. Any attemp to build the project ends with multiple Warnings during the place phase, saying that some Mio ports have more than one voltage standard. And the placement never ends. It happens even when I try the simplest BD with Zyng core and two AXI_GPIOs for leds and buttons. any idea?
  7. Hello I am using AXI_dynclk and rgb2dvi from Digilentic git. The ref clock od dynclk core comes to AXI_clk pin. When placing the design, I will always get this critical warning for each generated clock. And the design says Completed but timing constraints not met. How can I fix this?
  8. Is there a table of H,V and PixClk for the most common video modes?
  9. Hello, When sending the picture over HDMI, how to choose the correct pixclk and serialclk? I have the project, that sends the RGB data at 7MHz pixel frequecy, for example. V=50Hz, H=15625.
  10. Hello, Is there HDMI output with the sound available for Zybo?
  11. Hello, How can I communicate with the SD card in bare metal application at Zybo board< There are some free FAT32/16 filesystem stacks, but how to make them work with Zybo HW? Is there any reference solution for file read/write?