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  1. Dear Dan: Thank you so much for replying! I really appreciate it. It makes a lot of sense to me! By the way, the IC3 and IC5 are on the back of my board, on the corner near by IC10. I think they might be some off-board programming hardware like you said. And for JTAG headers, I would like to try it to see if it would work or not. Thank you again for replying! It helped me a lot. And thank you for encouraging! Best regards, Yang
  2. Hi: I am learning to use the Basys 3 for my project. However, when I went over the Reference Manual and the schematic diagram. I have some problems, just want to be clear before I get in that to have a better understanding of how Basys 3 works in different parts. First, on the schematic diagram, IC6, which is a different package type of IC8, is labeled "No load", and on my actual board I can only find IC8, which is the S25FL032P0XNFI00 with SOIC16 package. Does it mean that both IC6 and IC8 work in a same function here, but we may pick either of them. And the schematic diagram can also be simplified by directly getting rid of one of them that we didn't select to use. Secondly, The 6-pin header J5 is also labeled with "No Load", but it seems to be the JTAG port for programming when the jumper JP1 selects the JTAG option, and we can use some platforms such as the USB-to-JTAG cable produced by Xilinx to program the FPGA. If so, if I want to do programming in this way, how can I use JTAG headers to do programming on my board? Moreover, the page 4 of schematic diagram is missing. And I noticed that, according to some issues of proprietary, the FT2232 part is protected. However, I think there are 11 ICs on the basys 3 board. And I can't find any explanations about IC5 and IC3. What are those for? Thank you for reading this. I am really interested in getting started with FPGA by starting from basys 3. I would really appreciate your help.