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  1. Hi Dan, I'm using a version of Eclipse IDE that's tailored towards my board. Your answer was perfect and told me everything I needed. I'm still working out the clock timing (the given line of code in Eclipse I'm using is a bit hard to read) but I have everything else you mentioned already implemented in my code. Thanks so much for the help!
  2. Hi all, I'm looking to use Digilent's Ambient Light Sensor as an add-on for a project I'm doing. I can't use the example code given because I'm using a little bit more complex of a coding environment (Eclipse). I've managed to translate so to speak most of the example code to work for my environment, but one thing I'm struggling with is creating the correct initialization code in my environment. Does anyone have any experience coding the ALS outside of an Arduino-like environment or can tell me what I need to do to initialize it correctly? Thanks!