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  1. Hi all. I just installed Ubuntu Gnome 14.04 on my notebook (all my life I used Windows). I installed VirutalBox on my PC and Windows 8.1 x64 on it. The problem is that I installed the Waveforms on the virtual machine and when I tried to use it, my analog doesn't measure well. I compared the same measure with a PC running Windows from the HDD and the Analog Discovery works fine. I don't know what happened. If anyone has any suggestion I would really appreciate it. Besides, is there a version of WaveForms for Linux (Ubuntu)? Thank you for your time
  2. Thank you so much. It worked just fine. In the case someone has the same problem I did. I couldn't update the driver directly. The steps I did were: In Windows Device Manager: - Select Update Driver Software - Browse my computer for driver software - Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer - Have a disk. Then browse for DigilentRuntimeUsbDriver and install one each time: "dmodusb.inf", "ftdibus.inf", "ftdiport.inf". - Under Manufacturer -> FTDI, and under model -> USB Serial Converter Thank you again por your time
  3. I bought my Analog Discovery and everything was working fine. Due to some works, I had to download an FTDI driver that apparently crashed with some of the USB compatibilities, including the Analog Discovery. I contacted the customer services and told me to install and use the REMOVED LINK NOW THE PROBLEM IS THAT NO PC RECOGNIZE IT!!! Before, I only had the problem with my PC, but now I can't use. Whenever I plug it, the waveforms of no PC recognize it, the red led doesn't light. I attached a picture showing what mi computer detects. Please I'm desperate. I need the device for my thesis. Thank