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    herrmattoon reacted to sbobrowicz in Xilinx Linux tutorial asking for bitstream and hdf files. What do I have to do?   
    I would recommend against using the zybo_base_design project. Its way out of date and I don't believe it updates cleanly. The linux_bd project in the ZYBO git repo is an equivalent project with everything updated to 2015.4. It is also tested with newer versions of Linux and supports audio and Video output (over HDMI). The ZYBO git repo is here: https://github.com/Digilent/ZYBO
    In fact, I would probably advise against following the guide you are currently using. An easier method would be to use our ZYBO petalinux project, described here: https://github.com/Digilent/petalinux-bsps/wiki/Quick-start-guide. Petalinux is a tool developed by Xilinx to help ease embedded Linux development done for there devices (Zynq and microblaze). It is heavily documented here: http://www.xilinx.com/support/documentation/sw_manuals/petalinux2015_4/ug1144-petalinux-tools-reference-guide.pdf. Be sure that you use petalinux 2015.4, that is the version required to work with our ZYBO petalinux project.
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    herrmattoon reacted to NAEastland in Xilinx Linux tutorial asking for bitstream and hdf files. What do I have to do?   
    Hey Herrmatoon,
    That's a bit odd to hear about Vivado saying you needed to add a block to the design. I had gone through last week and updated the IPs as well to make sure I was able to obtain a bit stream and the IPs updated without any issue. Generally for things like this, where we provide a fairly large block system, they are complete and don't need modification unless there is explicit instruction, such as in a tutorial. I'd say try a quick run though again from a new workspace (just delete the workspace for the zybo_bsd, unzip the original file you downloaded, and start from the beginning updating the IPs again, just to have a clean workspace to see if the warning comes up again). 
    While I have not gone through the specific tutorial you are following, I can say that it seems like it is building up to allowing you to run Linux on the Zybo. Once you have the FSBL and device tree generated you will need to build a BOOT.bin file, and subsequently you will need a copy of the file system for the OS to be loaded onto a second partition of your boot media (microSD card for example). All of these steps can be done in the SDK to yield you a bootable and working image of Linux that you can run on the Zybo. 
    Unfortunateley, I am not aware of very many detailed guides on this, however the Xilinx tutorial you are following should be able to get you through all the steps you need in order to complete the process. There are a few people here at Digilent that are currently working on completing a guide for this process as well. If I manage to find any other resources, or once our new documentation is completed, I'll update you.
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    herrmattoon got a reaction from JColvin in Xilinx Linux tutorial asking for bitstream and hdf files. What do I have to do?   
    Hi NAEastland,
    Many thanks for This answer. I clicked update IPs. After that I had warnings about asyncronous resets. Vivado told me to add a processor reset bloc. After I added it and click on run connection automation, just one wire has been added to the design, coming from a pin. I don't know what to do with this huge bloc and its unconnected connectors. Do I have to delete old asres of each block and connect each one on one (or more) output of the reset block?
    After I will get it working fine -> in the tutorial I am following, it is written I will have to generate a device tree based on the hardware generated by vivado. It is not sufficient to interface Linux with the hardware? If not, I don't know how to interface the code in SDK with my tutorial. Do you have a track I can follow to mix it and get it working?
    Unfortunately, I am hobbist and have not so much time to spend on this (in the facts I would like to do it exclusively!). Then don't be shocked if it takes time to try the solutions you give to me!