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  1. Hi BKallaher, Many Thanks for your valuable help. I will consider these tips as soon as I come back again to my zybo board... Meaning in a couple of weeks. Best Regards, Herrmattoon
  2. Hi all, As I told, I would like to spend more time on my board to get to know it better and to let linux running on it. But currently, I have not so much time for that. Fortunately, I am here again and I tried to go ahead. First, thanks for your useful answers! Then, I am trying to source vivado and I get this error : "[email protected]:/opt/Xilinx/Vivado/2016.1/bin$ source ./vivado ERROR: Could not find 64-bit executable. ERROR: /opt/Xilinx/Vivado/2016.1/bin/unwrapped/lnx64.o/bash does not exist" Is that because I run the 2016.1 version of vivado? And one oth
  3. Hi, Another question : in the prerequisites, there is : "PetaLinux Tools and Vivado Tools must be sourced" what does it means?
  4. Hi sbobrowicz, Many thanks for this answer. I am unable to try the solution you proposed at this time. I will try to make use of Petalinux as soon as possible. The reason why I didn't do it before was that I wanted to try to do most things by myself. But I realise It will take long time regarding the rare opportunities I have to dive into this project! I saw the linux_bd project in the git repo but I thought it contained a specific base design for a display demo, without support for Ethernet i.e.. I where wrong... Thanks again. Herrmattoon
  5. Hi all, I am about to run Linux on a Zybo. In the tuto I am following, this is explained I have to generate a device tree after defining the hw with no mention about any Linux drivers. But I think this is not the only thing I have to do to make Linux able to communicate with the peripherals on the board. Tell me if I am wrong : the device tree is just there to tell the kernel how peripherals are mapped in memory. But it does not tell nothing about how to communicate with. This is the role of the driver. Right? If right, will it be fine if I generate the device tree and if I use
  6. Hi NAEastland, Many thanks for This answer. I clicked update IPs. After that I had warnings about asyncronous resets. Vivado told me to add a processor reset bloc. After I added it and click on run connection automation, just one wire has been added to the design, coming from a pin. I don't know what to do with this huge bloc and its unconnected connectors. Do I have to delete old asres of each block and connect each one on one (or more) output of the reset block? After I will get it working fine -> in the tutorial I am following, it is written I will have to generate a device tre
  7. Hi all, I am currently doing the Xilinx tutorial to run Linux on my zybo : http://www.wiki.xilinx.com/Build+FSBL In the process, I have to get these task done : Bitstream (for the programmable logic portion) System hardware project hdf file My question is : can I use the https://reference.digilentinc.com/_media/zybo/zybo_base_system.zip ...to generate the bitstream and the system hardware project ? If I complete the tutorial with the generated files, will I be able to run linux and use it with the hdmi or vga output, get access to any kind of command prompt?