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  1. Ciprian, In fact I figured out a solution yesterday and it worked (can be used for two and only two PMods): -Hardware (VIVADO): Use Zynq7 Processing system + AXI QSPI on JA + SPI1 (of the Processing system) on JE (MIO 10:15). -Software (SDK): Initialisation and configuration of an XSpi (for the AXI QSPI), and a XSpiPs (for the PS SPI1), and enabling the SPI instance, transfer with it and then disabling it each time we want to use it. Note that the transfer is for sure done based on the reference manual of each PMod. That was a solution of this problem. But I'm still in
  2. Does anyone know how to make double connections of MISO, MOSI and SCK to the Pmod connectors (the slaves)?
  3. No it didn't, I thought and tried to use SP0 of the PS with 2 SS: SS are working properly when setting slaves.But MISO and MOSI are the same for all slaves. Fortunately, I'm using Pmods that can either write or read, so I pin assigned MISO and MOSI properly (each on a pin of one of the two Pmod connectors of the board). So SS are working properly, and sure GND and VCC are also well set. But still, transfer is not proper. So I have 2 possibilities: either transfer is not done on proper pins (MISO and MOSI), or the CLK is not provided to Pmods (knowing that I assigned it to corres
  4. Is there a clear example of how to configure and use SPI PS in this final case? I think it's a bit different than controlling other SPI. The ss bits on the connectors have a 0 voltage.
  5. Should I do anything else than setting number of slaves of the SPI to 2, and assigning pin ss[1] to the ss pin of the second connector?
  6. No I'm not using this primitive of SPIs.
  7. Aha so you think I must use one SPI but with a number of slaves equal to 2?
  8. ""In fact the problem is that if I use one SPI, any Pmod works": I mean that if I use on SPI and pin assign it to a Pmod connector of the ZedBoard, any Pmod works on the connector.
  9. In fact the problem is that if I use one SPI, any Pmod works. When I wanted to use two Pmods simultaneously, I thought that I have to use two SPIs in Vivado (I doubt that this would be the solution), so I did use two SPIs, added a constraints file to pin assign both SPIs to two Pmod connectors of the ZedBoard, but I noticed that no connector works (any Pmod does not work on any of the two Pmod connectors of the ZedBoard (even pin Vcc is at 0V for both connectors).
  10. Hello. I need to use two Pmod on ZedBoard. I already know how to communicate with one Pmod, by building a Vivado project with a Quad SPI IP in the block design, and than pin assigning it to a Pmod connector on the board. Should I use two of such IPs? I tried but I think what I did is wrong, since no connector is "active". Thank you.
  11. Hello I am new to FPGAs, and I'm using Pmods AD1 and DA2 in a control application on ZedBoard, using VIVADO and SDK. Is there any tutorial or hint to know how to start the design and interfacing between ZedBoard and these pmods. Thanks. Elie.