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  1. OK, thanks for the clarification.

    Note that I think supporting a configurable I2C slave would be a great feature for future versions of Waveforms.


    3 hours ago, attila said:

    Hi @ned_zepplin

    At the moment the WF/Protocol interface supports I2C spying and master (master,custom,sensor), but slave is not supported.
    You could implement I2C slave using SDK or script/staticio but this would be slow, ~10ms/bit, and could cause SMBus timeout.

    We might add Slave for Protocol/I2C later.
    Thank you for this post.

    Here you can find a related topic:



  2. Hi,

    I just wanted to know if there are any special considerations/requirements/recommendations with regards to selecting Oscilloscope Probes for the Analog Discovery 2?

    Would this be a good option?

    Note that I am aware of the Digilent Probes (made for this purpose), but they are not an option in my case.