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  1. BNC Oscilloscope Probes for Analog Discovery 2

    OK, then I know what to look for. Thanks again!
  2. BNC Oscilloscope Probes for Analog Discovery 2

    OK, thanks. I need something that can be used at x10 as well. So what compensation range (or other important parameters) should it have to be compatible?
  3. Hi, I just wanted to know if there are any special considerations/requirements/recommendations with regards to selecting Oscilloscope Probes for the Analog Discovery 2? Would this be a good option? Note that I am aware of the Digilent Probes (made for this purpose), but they are not an option in my case.
  4. The analog discovery 2 reference manual (section 9.3) states that bus patterns can be used for triggering the logic analyzer. I am however unable to find this option when looking in the documentation (reference manual, Waveforms 2015, etc.). I just wanted to check if this is in fact possible? And if so, how can it be configured?