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  1. Hi Nate, Thanks for the information. I partitioned the SD card with ext4 file system. Regards Sandeep
  2. Hi, I am Newbie to Zybo. I am able to successfully boot Linux digilent kernel on Zybo using SD card. ( Kernel used: git clone –b master-next”) Please let me know which rootfs has to be used along with the digilent kernel so that that kernel is in sync with the root fs. Thanks
  3. sandeepsan

    pmod I2S

    Hi Dan, Thanks for the quick reply. Yes I have gone through the list. Best Regards Sandeep
  4. sandeepsan

    pmod I2S

    Hi, Thanks for the reply. I have gone through PmodMIC3. As per my understanding, you meant 4 samples needs to be recovered by averaging?Please correct me if wrong. The averaging effect can introduce distortion in underlying audio task(feedback from audio task implementers) before reconstructing the signal. So it is recommended for me to use 16bit ADC with a microphone. Please let me know if there are any 16 bit ADC that can be interfaced with Zybo. Thanks for the help. Best Regards Sandeep
  5. sandeepsan

    pmod I2S

    Hi, I am newbie to Zybo board. I am currently looking for a microphone which can work on Zybo board with following requirements Microphone requirement: Omnidirectional, -/+ 1 dB: 100 Hz to 8KHz -/+2 dB: 50Hz to 20KHz ADC requirement: 16-bit with sampling rate support >=16KHz I have looked at couple of available pmod I2S modules from Digilent website. They seem to have 12 bit A/D converter. Can anyone please suggest possible microphone for above requirements? Thanks for the help. Best Regards Sandeep